Comic #52 – Republican moms

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Today I’m especially grateful to be not in control. This feels more like creative expression than condescending to know your characters, shifting them limb by limb, forcing upon them facial and bodily expressions to forward your own plot. Why do we do that? Is it some sort of frustration or will to seize power over our own lives that we project instead onto poor souls we invented? I am reading HhHH at the moment and Laurent Binet echoes the concerns of Milan Kundera about fictional characters:

Kundera implies that he feels a bit ashamed at having to name his characters . . . what could be more vulgar than to arbitrarily give—from a childish desire for verisimilitude or, at best, mere convenience—an invented name to an invented character?

Binet takes this argument a step further, arguing: ‘what could be more vulgar than an invented character?’ Writing is a funny business. I’d love to discuss this in reference to comics in particular. Maybe later this week I’ll have the opportunity to write a blog for your consideration and response. Until then, let’s enjoy life.